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Always be polite. Courtesy is required of you.
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Enjoy tea and enjoy life Empty Enjoy tea and enjoy life

Post  janet11 Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:14 am

"The first bitter, two sweet, three tastes" of the Bai "three tea", the Department of hospitality guests when a way of drinking tea, it is said from the Ming Dynasty when the formation of the Bai people hospitality dating one of the grand rituals. However, although the tea seems tragic, but there are deep tunnel of life truth, I think this is every wish to taste the "three tea" guests can enjoy the. Fine "three tea", if you have a certain life experience, experienced a clutch of joys and sorrows, ups and downs of the situation, I believe that will be overwhelming, into deep thinking. Life is short, difficult, especially the beginning of the beginning, start at the beginning, infiltration bitter and embarrassed; However, the bitter may be the primary colors and tone of life, and "hardships, jade Yu Cheng", only patience, Immersed in the bitter, for a long time to gradually out of the fragrance of tea, sentiment life of the original flavor, and then a clear understanding of life life. Can life is still hard to come when the smooth, it is after the hard grind, after bitter water soak, after hard work, God gave the best return. At this time fruitful, successful, can be wandering between the flowers, can be wandering under the moon Qinghui, enjoy the sweet and happy life. "Three tea" has to go to the second, respectively, on behalf of life "bitterness" and "Gan environment", I believe that everyone can combine their own experience and experience it. However, if that is the life of all, then it has not been able to reach the highest level of perfection. The third tea called "aftertaste", metaphor of the light of life. Life will eventually be attributed to the plain, bitter feel the bitter, sweet no longer sweet, this is only thousands of sails over, after the vicissitudes of life, in order to take it lightly. The ups and downs of life, the situation of adversity, sadness and bitterness to see through, fame and fortune, power, wealth to be put under the success of the blunt to be open, all look more light, and then look more, perhaps to get rid of the name of the lock But not so, in order to achieve the "Chongrubujing, leisure to see the flowers before the flowers; the same time, in order to achieve the" To stay unintentional, diffuse with the sky outside the cloud Yunshu "life realm.


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