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Always be polite. Courtesy is required of you.
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Post  janet11 Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:32 am

Very Happy How time flies, suddenly in the second week is over, because of just into the company, some important things I don't have, but I don't lose heart, also did not feel overqualified. I think only from the most basic start, the accumulation of bit by bit, every little thing, do I let the leaders and colleagues at ease, can accomplish something big business in the future. "Short step, without that," "jianghai don't refuse to trickle, can into the large" "why one house does not sweep, sweep the world?" That is the reason why said.
  Advance in the morning, I can guarantee to the company, for a period of time before start working, help the teacher's desk tidy up, and then drag the office, make teachers work more comfortable and more happy mood, also can teach me something more.
  Order the meals at noon, I'll help colleagues, according to their respective called a taste different food, colleagues also is very satisfied for the food I ordered. In the afternoon, the company has express send, I will contact responsible for delivery, and fill in the Courier sheet after sent items in time, by the leadership of praise.
  Basic this week is spent in the busy and trivial, but although the trivial little things, and have been dealing with a book in the school, I feel there is a kind of novelty, every little thing need me to themselves, through the pay their labor for results are valuable, and it's worth it.


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